Adventure Inlay - Safari Edition

Adventure Inlay - Safari Edition

Adventure Inlay Safari Edition is a wonderful brain-teasing game

Adventure Inlay Safari Edition in new edition of this fantastic brain-teasing game which includes new things and multiple improvements. In case you don't know the previous game, your goal is basically to fit a specific number of different pieces into a board with the shape of animal. You can rotate the pieces, but you have to very fast. The game includes four wonderful game modes: Traditional, Strategy, Revealer and Enigma. All of them offers more o less the same, but each of them add a new twist. The Traditional mode is the same as in the previous version but with new puzzles. In the strategy mode, you have to do the same but you have to think more carefully or your will lose. In the Revealer mode, you have to fit the given pieces in order to uncover the different species of the wild. And finally, the Enigma mode offers more challenging puzzles for advanced gamers. This new version features multiple new levels and shapes and offers the ability to save your progress. It includes more than 60 landscapes and a nice screensaver. It supports Windows 98/2000/ XP/Vista and ME.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and addictive. Nice landscapes and animals. Good graphics and sounds


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